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Foundation and Development

In 1993 CHESS GmbH was founded as a service provider conducting custom research projects (fte and fee for service) mainly for the Pharmaceutical Industry. Our experience in this field adds up to over 50 man-years and covers a wide range of modern Organic Chemistry.

In 1997, we started the CHESS fine organics Catalog. The very most of these 900 compounds are synthesized in our laboratories in Germany.

Our Expertise

Continuous Flow Hydrogenation

To overcome safety risks with high pressure hydrogenations in the lab and to accelerate and facilitate them, we built two CF-hydrogenation lines. So we are able to perform up-scaling of heterogeneous hydrogenation reactions in even multi-kg-scale up to 50bar/150°C.

Organic Electrosynthesis

We do Organic Electrosyntheses in batch and continuous flow using different Electrode Materials. This versatile method allows us to produce intermediates and building blocks in kg-scale.